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Battle of the Fruit Water

Hey Ya’ll

Welcome to another day of Higher Education (sorry couldn’t help myself a line from one of my all time favorite movies Pretty in Pink). My journey is coming along well so far. We just came off a weekend of fun times and good eating. I had no problem sticking within my point ranges and eating lots of veggies.

I’ve been a real kick with roasted garlic broccoli. I found it on pinterest one day and never looked back. I’m super weird about my broccoli. I love it, but I grew up eating it cooked with ketchup. (I know WEIRD but i love it) It’s the only strange veggie thing I do. Anyway, its taking broccoli, tossing in some olive oil and garlic, shaking some Herbamare spicy (if you don’t know about it-TRY it-its a veggie spice blend) its amazing!! I use the regular, salt free, and spicy versions. In Nova Scotia I find it in the health food section at Sobey’s.  You roast in the oven for 7 minutes, flip with tongs and roast for another 7. Then once you take it out squeeze a little bit of lemon over it and presto-yummy side dish.

I eat a lot of green veggies. I steamed spinach tonight and served with vinegar. I make frozen brussels sprouts all the time. I know fresh is best, but I hate fresh brussels. I always fail. I’ve soaked and roasted and even boiled but can never get it the way I want. Now i boil the frozen ones, and serve with vinegar, salt and pepper. I think next to salt I could be in love with vinegar. I could (and have, lol) eaten pickles by the jar. I grew up drinking the juice. Weird but yummy. Yes I know, SUPER bad for you. I’ve learned by lesson. I eat cucumbers and vinegar almost every week. My stomach is so strange but vinegar based things settle my stomach. I used to get heartburn at night sometimes, and I found if I had few olives or pickles at night-no more heartburn. I know, strange, even my doctor had never heard of that but she said whatever works. Thankfully with this healthy eating kick and not eating at night its wayyyy better.

I remember when I first joined weight watchers and would go to meetings. This lady used to always comment that her kitchen was “closed” after 9pm. I thought that was crazy!! I’m a late eater because of work, and i LOVE to snack at night. I’ve learned to eat at a good time and have light snack so the food doesn’t keep me up at night. I’m “trying” the closed kitchen late at night and just have light snacks, but its harder than I thought.  I don’t believe in going to bed hungry. Plus, if i’m that hungry I’m going to go eat in the middle of the night anyway.

Ok, so onto the topic of discussion. Fruit Water. I committed since the new year to being more creative with my water intake, and cut back out the diet soda. I’m not crazy- I still have diet soda occasionally, but i can do with water and lots of tea! I’m from the South-you can’t take my tea away from me! I’ve been trying out of lots of combinations. I’m not into the herbs in the water but fruit I can do. Is anyone else out there struggling? I can get thru about two glasses before my body says no and I turn back to regular water. I have an infuser glass bottle that I get ready every day. I’ve done all fruits (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and few crushed ones), lemon and lime (gross the lime add in does my stomach in), kiwi and berries, oranges and blueberries, lemon and raspberries, and just lemon. Just Lemon is my favorite. I always add a package of sweetener just to cut the tastes. I find with the fruits, which i Love on their own, turn my stomach in water. I learned the hard way watermelon is not my friend. I love watermelon, flavored fake watermelon stuff, and even grilled watermelon. I find when I put it into water it becomes almost a diuretic. Some are too bland, and I go back to just plain water or iced tea.

Does anyone else struggle with fruit waters? let me know your thoughts!!




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