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New year-new goals for this fat girl

I am making this a year of things I haven’t done. I know it will be a struggle, and hard, but aren’t things in life that are hard worth the hard work. The chance to prove to yourself your more than just another tile on the floor, or person in line. That no matter that amount of snow that walk outside could change your life. The desire to do better, be better, learn something new, try something you never thought you could do.

I know I have to be realistic, and stay within my own realm, but i want to push those walls to see just how much further I can expand them.

As most people do on the start of the new year I decided to start with my health. I’m no stranger to eating healthy, but like anyone its easy to get off track. I  have some health issues and I want to start being more accountable for my actions. I am a diabetic that just over the border, and i want to keep it that way or actually make it better. I also had a recent scare with issues with my liver that can be diet and weight controlled, and i want to do something about it.

I love to sleep in, veg on the couch and watch tv, and do only what has to be done. I take care of people all day in every day, and sometimes at the end of the day when I come home..its just extra work. I have to do it all over again.

I decided this year I have to think of that differently. My new motto is No one can do it for me but me. I want to look in the mirror and like what I see. I know I’m far from beautiful or even pretty, but I have a good heart, and the desire to be more. I want to be happy being me. I gave up a long time ago fitting into someone elses mode. I grew to love being who I was, and that if you didn’t like what you saw-stop telling me, or look away. Don’t get me wrong I always take those criticisms to heart, but i want to think differently.  Its been a slow crawl over like 20 years but I can do it. I might stumble, even fall but I am more than the outer shell you see. I am more than just my weight or appearance.

My first step was paying attention to my weaknesses. My weakness in life is salt. I LOVE salt. I can’t even imagine a meal without it, well most of them anyway. Chips are my kryptonite. I can go without sweets, junk food, fried foods, and even breads-but not chips.I am finding ways around that, healthier treats. Celery and dips, pretzels (which are salty but way better for you), crispy mini’s, low-fat popcorn. You get the idea. Also, snackie cakes (sort of throw back to South Park but basically any little Debbie/Twinkie treats).

I am back to trying new recipes (I think i have a bit of an addiction to pintrest), and i love to cook. I am committed to trying at least 1 new recipe every week. I love to use my slow cooker because I’m gone so much during the day and who doesn’t like coming home to a ready hot meal with minimal work. It can be hard to find different things to try other than your standard chillis, stews and soups. Some things only take a few hrs before it would start burning, but i have to try.

I have ramped up my veggie in take, and committed to not skipping my lunches. I am trying to get some vitally important meals back on track. I am back to eating fruits, making my own smoothies, eating more veggies than meats, and upping my fiber.

I hadn’t weighed myself in a month and a half. I got around to it last week. I ended up losing 14lbs. How-i’m not completely  sure, but I’ve shown myself I CAN do it. I noticed since i stopped devouring cookies and chips at night I am sleeping better. I have more energy overall, and I have MOTIVATION. I spent last Sunday doing meal preps for the week, fruits for the week, smoothies,etc that took my whole day but i didn’t care. I was ready for the week. I didn’t give in and gouge on chips or snackie cakes.

I have started doing exercise again. I am getting back into pool exercise. I know it sounds like an old lady thing but its fantastic. There is no stress on your joints and you put in way more work than you think. I’m also going to be dipping my toes shortly into trying Yoga. I can’t promise I’ll even make it through one class, but I’m going to try. As much as I’d love to join a gym-its super expensive, and I just can’t afford it. I have a treadmill, and its sorta covered at the moment, but I AM going get back into doing it every day.

Ok, I’ll stop droning on for now. I just wanted to start off with saying I hope you can join me on my journey. I want to stay accountable, and i hope ya’ll can help me do that. I’ll try to post when I can as to how things are going. Feel free to comment on your tips, tricks, or anything helpful in between. Keep it positive, and hopeful!


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