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Flat tires and yogurt bark

Hey Ya’ll

Well today has been…..eventful. LOL.

So I had a few great experiences today. I find with doing my home care nursing work, I travel a lot…all across the city. When I had my break in clients today I found time to fit in to see my Chiropractor. God Bless him. He keeps me going! He keeps me upright, working, and feeling like I can keeping doing my job. I was in accident few months ago. I have good and bad weeks with my neck and my shoulder. Anyway, I had my visit, got back on track and went out to the car.

Just before I went into the doctor’s office I felt this almost boom in the car. I was already parked with the car off. I didn’t know what it was. I started the car, moved back and forth, but didn’t know what it was. I came back ,started the car and when I pulled out I noticed it felt funny in the wheel. I parked, got out and yah….flat tire! Apparently it had busted but didn’t know right away. This is after this week the husband was checking the tires, put air in one of the back tires and when he went to unplug he busted the valve and had to change the tire because we were going right out. I have quite the handy husband so he took that car over to his work and changed the value and fixed that tire. Funny enough-when this happened he opened up his old lunch can he uses for miscellaneous stuff to keep in the truck. He has a tire valve in there. You can imagine the look on my face as to why he has a tire valve in his box. He said best 29 cts he ever spent, lol.  THIS was a totally different tire. This year we couldn’t afford new tires so we were using tires we hadn’t used in a few years and well….its not turning out well to use old tires. Great treads but getting a little old.

I was raised to change your own tires and know what to do when stuff breaks. Well with my neck and shoulder I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get those lug nuts off the tires. I call the old hubby and reminded me…new car-roadside assistance. I felt a little silly not being able to change a tire, but me being able to work is more important. So I call assistance, and when the local tow guy showed up I already had out my spare, tire wrench and ready to go. It wasn’t exactly how I wanted to waste my free time today, but oh well. My hubby gets home tonight and looked at the tire. I thought it was a goner, busted, broke. Apparently the valve blew in this tire too. He took it over to his work and replaced it. Say a hope and prayer it doesn’t bust again while I’m working tomorrow.

Now onto the better, more tasty topic. I found a recipe to make yogurt bark. Its like the kind you see with candy but healthier with yogurt. I didn’t get greek yogurt, so I improvised. I had some sugar-free pudding mix that I mixed with the yogurt to thicken it up. I put in a bunch of fresh fruit and froze it. It turned out….ok. Not fantastic but a great low-fat treat. At least I tried something different. Next time I think I’ll get the greek yogurt and maybe try to mix little bit of honey.

Anyone out there try new low fat yummy snacks to try??

Talk to you next time!




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