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Prep Time and Pool Time

Hey Ya’ll

Ahh fun times in the Maritimes! lol. It’s a chilly day here in Nova Scotia.  Its been below zero all day, but at least it’s not been super windy. I wanted more than anything to go home and curl up on the couch and snuggle with a blanket and some tv.

I don’t know if anyone else does this, but I’ll share what I did today. I was in the car between clients and had to give myself a pep talk. I was looking at myself in the mirror giving myself a talking to. Lol. I reminded myself I haven’t come this far to cop-out now. I’m not in pain from my injures, my sinuses aren’t killing me this week with this up and down weather, I’m not sick, there is nothing stopping me but me. I am thankful I am having a good day and Can do these things. So I just said I gotta get up and do it.  So after work after already being back in Dartmouth I drove back over to Halifax to go to the Pool. It was fun, got to hang out with friends and exercise-totally worth it.

My only struggle is I end up going so long with between meals. I was prepared today and had a good sandwich to get me thorough. I don’t get home until after 9 and I find that too late to eat a meal. I can have snacks and stuff, but not a full meal. I find if I get a light dinner before heading back over the bridge to the pool i can manage.

Onto my Prep Time. Whereas I do a LOT of prep on the weekends and week to make sure I have healthy choices. I try to prep large batches of steel-cut oats, eggs that are quick to just heat up, fruits, yogurt, snacks,etc. I’ll delve more into that this weekend.

My topic about Prep actually is in regards for my work. I am passionate about my work. My nursing work, taking care of people, giving them care and love, someone to listen to, someone who wants to know what happened that day, and longterm. I believe its one of my missions in life. I love what I do, and I love making a difference. I do have a handful of clients i see everyday, and quite a few twice a day. If at all possible there is no way I am going to watch them eat another frozen meal. Even if I’m not coming back that day I’ll take something out and get it ready for whoever is going to be there with them that night. If I’m coming back that day I plan what they are going to have and we take out what I need and prep as much as I can and finish it up when I come back. Sometimes I have enough time to make a meal on the fly. People don’t realize how sad it can be to eat the same thing day after day, sandwich after sandwich, because that person can’t make it for themselves. I strive to always do a little extra work to let them be included in what they are having, make choices on what they might like and have at the home, and feel special they have a fresh, healthy, hot meal.

I am happy I took the time to go to the Pool tonight as well. I feel better I got some exercise tonight. I am staying on track, and keep on keeping on! I’d love to know how y’all journey’s are going!


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