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Sourdough Pretzels & Traffic

Hi Ya’ll!

Hope this mildly snowy colder day finds you well. Today was a busy but good day. I make a point of trying to prep my food and snacks in advance, night before, or sometimes if I have a break in my day-the few minutes I might get to swing by home. The biggest  advantage and sometime disadvantage to doing home care is….traveling. I am lucky to a degree, a few hours at one client, few at another, but sometimes its an hour here and there.

I have always been a prepper. I like to grab and go in the mornings. Sometimes that’s me having my lunch all ready and grabbing containers to fill my bag. (I have a strange obsessions with tupperware..ask my friends-they all laugh at me) but I will use them all day long! Washable and reusable..hello budget friendly!! Sometimes i like to prep at night so I’m not sitting on the couch after dinner and doing nothing (not that there is anything wrong with that-sometimes i dream about that), but being more active my goal-hence not always couch lounging. I try to prep my breakfasts for the week when I can as well. I am a late night type of girl and mornings aren’t my favorite thing. I’d prefer to sleep in as long as I can. It might take me an hour on Sunday but making a big pot of steel-cut oats, or scrambling up two eggs at a time is very time-saving.

One of my favorite breakfasts is heating up my scrambled eggs, slicing up some fresh Campari Tomatoes (sweet, juicy and I lloooovee tomatoes). Its filling and hearty yet simple and fast. I heat up my oatmeal in the mornings with little water and finish with splash of milk. It really warms your bones in the winter weather. How do y’all like your oats? I like steel-cut oats because they tend to stick with you longer. I love  fresh fruit but I am not a lover of mixing them in with my oatmeal. I tried the yogurt and fruit in the morning but couldn’t stick with it. I’m super busy from the minute I leave helping clients, caring for them, getting them ready for the day, and lets just say I’m starving an hour after I eat my yogurt .At least the eggs or oatmeal sticks with me. I’m super happy clementines are out already. I’ve gone through 3 crates this months so far. I snack in 3-4 i peel and prep  as soon as I get into the kitchen in the morning. It gets me between clients and not feel like i’m starving. I always take a banana with me every morning.

Does anyone make smoothies? I make them up in big batches. They are yummy. I use Diet cranberry or mixture juice, frozen fruit, yogurt and few packets of sweetener. Every year one of local meat/fruit markets brings in a truckload every day in summer of local strawberries. I buy a flat at a time and hull and freeze them. It makes the smoothies so tasty with that just picked berry flavor! I have 80z containers  I fill and freeze. I just take one out the night before in the fridge and its frozen in the morning to sip in as the morning goes by.

I am trying to find ways to curb my chip cravings.  I started by not bringing them in the house-but my husband came home with them this week. I don’t know how to say no. I had to have him hide them. I had discovered last year that pretzels are a low-fat snack. You can have a handful for little WW points. Yes, I know, you still have to watch your sodium intake but it keeps me from bingeing on chips.

We have store up in here in Canada called Bulk Barn. Yes, the name does tell you what it means. They sell all kinds of stuff in bulk. You can buy as little or as much you want sold by weight. I had to run in and pick up somethings, and I wanted a snack. I found the pretzel section. I bought a handful of sourdough dutch pretzels. OH man they are heaven. They are lighter and crisper than regular pretzels. I blew through them in a day. I had to get a little more today. I don’t know how I was eating regular pretzels when these delectable ones were right there in front of me.

I had to sit in traffic for an additional hour tonight because I was trying to stay active. I had a few talks with myself for motivation, lol. Also, those pretzels saved the day. I had some pretzels, iced tea and music-and I made it through!

How is your day going? What tips can you share with me?


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