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Pre-Prep & meatloaf

Hey Y’all

Welcome to Friday! I would love to say its the weekend and lets party, but I alas can not. I have to work in the morning because I can’t stand to see my clients go without service.  Its only a partial day and I can always use the money, but about all want my clients to feel they matter. I think people forget how much independence means to a person. When you can’t do the normal things like get dressed, make your breakfast, or shower yourself, you lose your sense of independence. I can’t tell you how it feels to let them feel you can wait all day if that’s what it takes for them to eat their breakfast. Sometimes you are the only person they see all day. It is one of my missions in life to make sure clients don’t feel alone, or eat out of take out containers or sandwiches all the time.

   It might only take an extra 15 minutes but you can ASK them what they might want to eat. Take the time to take something out of the freezer to defrost. Prep as much as you can do either you or the next person that comes in after you can make a meal in the small amount of time you get, and both of you win.

   Today was full of end of the week hustle for me. A lot of clients might have service all week, or once or week, but when it comes Friday everyone stresses about getting everything done.  I wanted something sweet so bad today but I ate an apple and few pretzels. at least it got me through.

Then I get to come home and prep more. At least i got to make one of my favourite meals-meatloaf!

     I got some great lean ground beef. I used my mini loaf pan to make meatloaf pans. I made sure to have lots of veggies with it. So much so, I forgot to make potatoes. I LOVE potatoes! One of my favourite meals is meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  I made carrots, steamed kale, beets, roasted broccoli, and can’t forget corn for the hubby. I think he’s partially fuelled by corn. LOL.

I tried some new chips today. 

They were….kale-ley, but ok I suppose. I had 5 for only 2 points so can’t beat that and it settled my chips craving. Now I’m watching a movie and eating some skinny pop. Its yummy and low fat!

What are some of your movie watching healthier snacks?? Please share with me 🙂


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