Blizzard & Pulled Pork

Hey y’all

Welcome to another Saturday night….Live from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia! Lol. I don’t know about y’all but I’m beat today. I got up early to go to work and felt like I haven’t stopped since. Working Saturdays is a mixed bag. I hate getting up early on a day I should be able to sleep in. 

    Now that I’m doing the whole eat, sleep better, be more active idea. I like being able to get up and get going early. I do appreciate not wasting my day away. I always overbook myself as well. Once I’m done with work there is always more to do.  I try to pre plan my grocery lists and meal plans, but sometimes it all comes at the last minute. Then there is the struggle of trying not to go to 5 stores to get the best prices. The one thing I really appreciate is price matching. As much as the drone of Wal-Mart can be overwhelming I appreciate being able to price match all the prices for products they carry and saves me at least 2 separate store trips.

      Then we have these local stores I love but drive me nuts. They are two different local businesses, one is fruit and veggies and one is meat and some veggies. They are pretty small, like two big rooms with bunkers lining the outside. People usually have to shop in line because they line ups get so big.  The thing that bothers me the most is you can just BARELY get two carts aside each other. People don’t seem to have manners lately. They push and shove and you get some claustrophobic sometimes you just give up and want to run out. Sometimes you get some aggravated you want to push back and ask people to wait their turn. I can’t not go to them because the prices are amazing!! I get tons of fruit and veggies, and meat at like half the price of the grocery stores. I love supporting local, but if people weren’t being so douchey.

       Onto another advantage of prepping. I took a nice pork roast out to defrost last night. I mixed up a spice rub for pulled pork. I cut up peppers and onions last night. I rubbed the pork placed over the peppers and onions. I covered in a Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce and Lil bit of brown sugar mixed in. I let that cook all day, then shredded it mixed it all together. I had a bun less pork, steamed kale, broccoli with ketchup (yes-its in my previous post I’m weird like that), and yummy peas. I ended up having more veggies than meat but it was filling.

Then things got interesting. Hubby was busy all day selling some exclusive car parts from his car he sold last year. We had a few last minute errands and we went by Chapters. (its a book store here like Books a Million). I love books. I love the feel, the smell, and losing yourself in a book. I also have a bad addiction to journals. Its all about finding new ways to be inspired so I got a smoking deal on a new journal. I can’t wait to break it in!!

This is defiantly a new favourite journal. This has been my number one motto since the beginning of the year. I am by all means ordinary, and I’m OK with that. I like to think I’m a good person, and I can be fun, but I think that’s part of my charm. I find joy in all the ordinary things of life. I love having family and best friends, texting randomly, those quite moments i get thru the day, having love in my life, and being better than yesterday. I might be going along at a slow pace, but I can DO this. I can be better, healthier, and happier with just a roof over my head and love in my heart. 

    To finish the night off we went by Dairy Queen. It might be a lot of points but that’s ok. You can’t go through life without treats once in awhile. Now we are going to watch a movie-The Hollar’s. I’ve been dying to see this movie. Its gotten such great reviews.

What are some of your favourite inspirations or treats? Share away!!




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