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Prep olympics & scale struggles

Hey Y’all,

Welcome to another fine day in the neighbourhood. After sleeping in this morning from a late night of watching movies, I had to find my motivation to get things done. The laundry, dishes, prep, etc isn’t going to do itself.

I knew I had a lot of to get done even with doing some of the stuff yesterday. Every time I think I can get away with doing just a few thing I always end up doing everything. The day starts with laundry, and gets eaten up with prep. I am happy with all the work I got done. I got my breakfasts prepped for the week. I made a yummy homemade banana bread cake, one with mini chocolate chips for hubby and plain one for me and my friends. I got two meal preps ahead so it’ll make for a quicker meals this week. It’s amazing how much time it eats up.

I put a yummy veggie soup in my other slow cooker last night and made my lunches for the week.

I love how filling soups are ,but low in points! I got some great deals on yogurt  & fresh fruit so I’m starting to make fruit and yogurt for a snack. I always have some clementines, banana’s and grapes so I needed something different. I used the banana’s I didn’t eat to make the above mentioned banana cake. There is a great set of sisters, Janet & Greta, that have a few cookbooks that i use ALL the time. Healthier deserts that are always yummy.

I made a tasty slow cooked roast with potatoes for hubby and lil for me, roast broccoli, steamed spinach with vinegar, carrots, parsnips for hubby because i can’t stand them, fresh green bean, and mashed turnip. Low point but super delish dinner.

Then I had my not so fun weigh in today. For the last two weeks I’ve gained, not much, but still a gain. It’s frustrating because I’m being way for active, eating better, and being accountable for my actions. I know my outrageous  Blizzard dessert last night probably really affected this morning, but all the time. It still sucks. The only thing I can say I was a little crazy about was my love of eating pretzels this week.  I tracked them but its a lot of carbs and salt. We all know I don’t need more salt! Lol.

I stopped giving myself such a hard time. I hate the numbers on the scale are creeping up, but I must have faith. Even if it’s just a mustard seed right now I will hold onto it and let it grow. I know the scale will catch up to my hard work. I am not giving up, or giving in!

I do believe it. I am MORE than just numbers on a scale. I am not sitting on the couch every night eating a bag of chips, and staying up all night, so little energy I can’t make it through the day. 

I hope today you had a chance to be reminded today you are worth it. We can do great things, and remember to find Joy in the Ordinary!


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