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Hey Y’all,

Welcome to another tiring but long Monday. I always thing of two things when I think of Mondays. I love the movie Office Space. There is a woman who works there who sees this guy who is on auto pilot at a bad job and always asks him if He’s having a Case of Munday’s. It always make me laugh. The second is a band, July For Kings, song The Distance. The first line is “Another Tired Monday Evening…This is the Seventh in a Row.

I try to come at Monday’s full of spunk and ready for another week. Today was hmm not so much. I had a strange work day, feeling ho hum about my disappointing weight loss, and just not feeling great. I do weight watchers online, and they have their own social media called Connect. I am new to posting there, and its really wonderful to get some positive support. Its another way to stay accountable, but feel you have a group of people that are going through the same thing. I really needed that support today. This whole blogging thing is new, but I’m not exactly getting feedback from anyone yet. Some friends say its an alright read but all I can do is hope so!

I had some free time today, and to be honest, all I wanted to do was sleep. I could feel the couch just calling my name. I had the time and the desire, but I didn’t give in. I sat down for all of 20 minutes and couldn’t justify wasting my day.

I threw some chicken with spices in the slow cooker for the base of chicken enchilada’s. I had pre prepped my veggies. I love pintrest. I found a recipe for enchilada sauce. It turned out alright, but I would try a new one next time. It uses a lot of chili powder. Whereas its not as spicy as I think, it was dark and a bit bland. I think I am going to use tomato sauce or paste and few extra spices next time. I also found a recipe for Spanish rice. It turned out quite nice. You toast it in some oil first and then boil with chicken stock and tomato juice. I add a little bit of corn at the end to make it a little tastier. I had some re fried beans i cooked down to make a complete meal. It was different and not bad! We have this authentic Mexican restaurant here in Halifax called Mexico Lindo’s. A wonderful woman from Mexico and her hubby from Newfoundland. They make some amazing food. I swear I practically lick my plate when we go. I wish I knew their secret. I would copy it in a heartbeat.

I also wanted some inspiration. I found this quote and its my new favourite thing!!

I hope today you got through your day without as much blahness as mine. I’d love to hear your favourite inspirational quotes or daily motivations! Feel free to share away


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