Rain & Feeling Off

Hey Y’all,


Oh man, today is another one of those days. I started not feeling good last night. I went to bed early, which is something I never do!!! I fell asleep right away, and felt like I was up all night this morning.  I dragged myself through my day, and came home to nap between clients I was so tired. it might have only been half hr but I definately needed it. Then I did the first miss of the year. I was to go to exercise tonight, but I just couldn’t  do it. I am so exhausted I just couldn’t drag myself today.

Instead of seeing myself as copping out, I know I have good reason. I think I’ve been coming down with a cold for the last week, but my healthier lifestyle, I’ve been able to keep getting so run down.  I wanted to eat a lot of junk today as a comfort food, but I did NOT. I ate oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, and decent dinner. I made some ground beef, small potato, beets and steamed spinach. I was able to keep it down with a few ginger gravol.

Its been a wet, rainy, windy day here. Last night our barbeque got thrown around my deck like it was a plastic bag. Its been constant all day, but at least its above freezing.

I hope today has been better for y’all than mine. I’m off to curl up on some warm blankets and little tv before bed!

Feel free to share you tips for keeping your energy up when you sick.


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