The Little Joys in Life

Hey Y’all,

     Welcome to another so so Sunday. I say that mainly because I’m tired, but also because the weather is holding out. I was so excited to be able to sleep in til whenever I wanted today. I forgot my hubby & friends were going to a game auction, and doing breakfast before going. I originally had planned to go. Then I think I had too many snacks last night, mixed with still not feeling well, and I maybe slept a few hours last night. I tried changing positions, covers on, covers off, switching to the couch and then back to the bed, but nothing really worked. I finally started to dose off around 7 this morning when someones car alarm two doors down decided to go off. I woke up with a burst yelling out Honey, is that your alarm. If i had been awake I would have known it wasn’t. His is much more annoying!! Then after I get back to sleep after that his actual alarms start to go off.

   I don’t know about y’all, but there are two types of people in this world. Those who get off when their alarm goes off (totally me!), and those who need multiple alarms (the hubby). Its taken me 10 years to get used to his multiple alarms. I can be a light sleeper and i used to just be up after the first alarm, but now I just wait a few minutes and go back to sleep.

   Needless to say when it was time to get up and start getting ready i just wasn’t up for it. After the hubby left I desperately wanted to go back to sleep. I think I did fall asleep for awhile. Do y’all ever find when you want to sleep and your mind doesn’t want you to! You are fighting sleep, and getting little actual rest.I finally gave up and got up. I knew I had a handful of things to get done and I needed to take my time so I wasn’t totally drawn out. I had my usual weekly prep of fruits, veggies, and yogurts. I think I’ve eaten my weight in spinach and kale in the last few weeks. The scale only reflected that lightly-small loss, but I’ll take it!!! At least I feel a little bit of my more dedicated work. I think this week my focus is going to be taking control of my snacking. We all know I love my salty snacks and I’m trying to reign them in. I made sure there are no regular potato chips in the house. I’ve limited it to pretzels(which are surprisingly low fat and low in points), low fat popcorn chips, goldfish which I can portion out,  and mini flavoured rice cake. I found some new tiny bit healthier chips. They are made by a company The Better Chip and are Beet Flavoured Tortilla Chips, Spinach & Kale Tortilla Chips, and a new one to try that is Jalapeno. I got a great deal, marked down from $4 a bag to $2, and I can have 10 for only 4 points. I can get that salty crispy without ruining my week.


   Onto my topic the little joys in the life. Its funny how something as small as a text can make your night. My bestie texted me to check in, share some of our own jokes, and just say Hello. It really made my night. She might be 1000 miles away but something as simple as a text  can be everything. I’m reminded of the person who knows me so well, makes me laugh while we’re both sick, and reminds me I’m missed. I don’t know how many of you live far away from where you grew up. It was the biggest and hardest thing I’ve ever done moving away from home. I love my life, my husband, our family, but there is something about home that means everything. In the day and age of social media, face time, email and texts I’m blessed that my family is not more than a click away, but sometimes I feel so far away from them. Most of them don’t travel so they have never been up here to Canada. I come from a big family, and friends so I always had a “crew”. I have family and friends here too, and they are great. It means everything to know I’m still missed, thought of, and wanted around. My guy bestie and I talk more than I talk to my husband sometimes, and it makes me feel like home isn’t so different than here.

Also, I am blessed to be fortune enough to get good deals and have healthy food. I see so many people, particularly elderly that don’t have the funds or access to fresh food. They live on processed, frozen, or canned food. As I’ve said in previous posts Its one of my personal missions to make sure clients are eating the same foods every day, are worth taking time to make a fresh, hot meal, and not be subject to what they reach or open. It’s a struggle when you see that either money or travel keeps them from having more options. I hear talks and radio shows talking about it all the time. We all know health in the elderly is paramount. We want to keep them healthy, in their homes, and thriving as long as possible. Its hard when you are limited by such things that keep you from giving them healthier options. This week I worked overtime making sure I didn’t waste. I had mentioned last night about freezing what I couldn’t get thru this week, and reusing what I can. 

   My budget this week was tight, and I allotted 90% of that to fresh foods. I’d rather get a cheap deal on cantaloupe (97 cents) and grapes for 77cents a pd to get fresh fruit into me instead of $5 on fruit that might be good for me that I’ll never eat. You sometimes I have to remind myself of what I like, and what realistically I will eat. There is no point in buying things just because they are healthy if I’m not going to use them. I always meal plan with 2-3 solid ideas, and 3-4 different varieties. We have to face that sometimes life, time, and desire to cook a full meal can go sideways sometimes. If you have good ideas you can always substitute something else and still be within your guidelines of what you have in the fridge and freezer.

     We are lucky enough to have two freezers as well. We have a regular chest freezer that is packed with veggies, fruits,breads, some frozen meals, and misc things. We have a stand up freezer with shelves we use for meat. It might be a little big of my OCD, but I have shelves. I have one for chicken, pork/turkey, beef and ground beef, and a misc shelf of overflow. I grew up in the country so you should always be prepared if you can’t get out you have plenty of stuff frozen. I freeze everything! I can’t stand the idea of wasting, especially when it comes to meat. We tend to buy our meats in bulk. I love the beef and pork from Costco, and always buy chicken at the grocery store when its on sale. I should own stock in Glad Freezer Bags. I use a LOT. I am working on losing another 10 lbs so I can make sure of the Food Saver I got last year but would only let myself use it as a reward for making some progress. It’s all about motivation, right?! I’ve learned to cut down on the meals I freeze because I used to waste a lot. I tend to not freeze loaves of bread because I forget and they end up getting freezer burnt. Also, when we cleaned out of the chest freezer last year I had TONS of processed frozen meals we never even touched. Now that I take time to prepare meals and lunches, we don’t need them! Also when they are buried in the freezer in the basement you tend to forget about them.

      In my small freezer upstairs I keep things I know I am going to go through relatively quickly. I freeze my oatmeal’s, smoothies, and soups for lunches. I just take one out of the night before into the other side on the fridge and boom-done!

What are some of y’all’s favourite things to freeze?? What meals do you like to prepare in advance?? I’d love to hear from you so comment or email me your feedback.



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