Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

Hey Y’all

Welcome to another Manic Monday! I had a busy busy day. I’d love to say I had light breezy Monday’s but that only happens once in awhile. I stay busy from the time I leave til I get home outside of about a half hour of free time. So….what do I do with that. I’d love to come home and crash on the couch but that doesn’t help anyone. I came home, cleaned the kitchen, prepped as much of dinner as I could, started the dishwasher and went back to work. I might hate while I’m doing it, but i am so happy when I come home. Tonight I tried something sorta new. I love Chinese food but its not great for you. I fed my pintrest desire this weekend and found a low fat breaded chicken recipe. Its my own twist on Panda Express Chicken. We don’t have ones like that up here so I make due. The first time I made this recipe i breaded the chicken in flour and fried them up in oil and tossed them in the sauce.

This time I found a great recipe thats low fat. It uses breadcrumbs,seasonings, cornmeal, and egg whites. It turned out fantastic!!!! Then I made up the “orange” sauce. The funniest thing is I don’t put in the orange zest yet it still tastes like its got orange in it. I am positive its the rice wine vinegar and ginger in it. The sauce was a little strong tonight but still made for a good meal. I used my rice cooker and made some yummy rice to go along with it. I used to find my rice always burned a little bit of the bottom but I add the smallest drizzle of olive oil (a trick i learned from my sister in law) and it turns out great with no burnt edges.

I’m glad dinner was quick because this cold is still kicking my butt! I hope today finds you well, and i”d love to hear your go to recipes, or time saving tips or tricks.


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