Taco Tuesday

Hey Y’all,

Its another blah Tuesday. I’m still fighting off whatever this is that’s going on, not to mention I’m so sore. Part of my recovery from my car accident,and to keep me working I do Chiropractic.  I swear by it. I love my Chiropractic. I would not be working and upright if not for him!! Working in health care, and lifting and supporting clients can be quite taxing. I learned a long time ago if I’m not in good condition I’m of no use to my clients. I would be sore and not doing much if I was trying to just work and make it through without any care for myself. I had to have my sciatic released, and man is it sore. I only got a good walk for exercise today, but at least its something.

I came home tonight and all I wanted to do was go to sleep!! I opted for a half hour sit down  on the couch with a book. Therefore I lost all my desire to make dinner. I’m usually on it, but today I took a break. Thankfully my hubby stepped up and helped out. I had taken out ground beef that morning to defrost. He fried that up and presto chango-turned into Taco Tuesday.

Not much going on here today, but gotta keep on keeping on! What kind of quick go to recipes do you like to do? Any last minute meals???


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