Unexpected Snow, Pool Time, & Ambulance

Hey Ya’ll

Welcome to Wednesday! I started off the day thinking it was just going to be another normal day. I have to say for the most part it was. They mentioned it was going to snow but they were only calling for 3-8 cm. It did hold off most of the day til later afternoon.

It would of course start to get heavy, at one point at my clients you couldn’t see anything outside because they snow was making it like a whiteout. It came and went all evening. All I wanted to do was just go home and curl on the couch and be out of this weather. But……that’s not living. I told y’all I would try to do more, be healthier, and be more accountable. Well I was. I drove back over to Halifax in this snow storm, picked up my sister in law, and went to the Pool.

We go to a pool only about 15 minutes from my sister in law’s place and we’ve been going there off and on for a like 2-3 years. Its not exactly the best part of town,  but not the worst. So we get there tonight and there is a ton of kids outside. Teenagers. They are being rowdy but we just pass them and go inside. We come to find out they were outside smoking up, talking about fighting. Our instructor is on it, and sorta in charge at night so the cops were called, and apparently an ambulance. We came outside to 3 police cars, and an ambulance. No kids around.

The pool has been super busy since the beginning of the year. Its been so crowded in the pool you barely have your own space. Tonight was a nice change. I think the weather kept people away. We had move around room, and tried some new moves tonight. We definitely got our activity in tonight! I can’t believe how much exercise really makes me feel better. I want to go home and do nothing and continue to be exhausted all night. Tonight the exercise gave me energy, made my mild headache go away, and I know I’ll sleep better tonight.

I wanted to share a new recipe I found that was SOOO tasty. My client had a butternut squash soup recipe she’s been wanting to make. I had prepped veggies last week, and made it tonight. It turns out to be really healthy, 0 points per serving, and really yummy. I love squash but I wouldn’t have thought i would enjoy it as as soup. We tweaked not putting the apple, hot sauce and cilantro, but it was great.

I’m still waiting to hear from y’all. what are some new recipes are you trying? or go tos?


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