Yoga sweat & Nutrition

Hey Y’all,

Well today is another day of new things! Lots of new things and experiences. I told myself its all about putting myself out there and doing new things. I had an appointment with a Nutritionist today. My doctor got offered the opportunity to bring in one for free from a sponsored program from a drug company that is focusing on education for diabetes and weight management. She knows how hard I’m trying and thought of me first to try this out.

She was very pleasant. As she started talking to me and getting an idea of my work, travel, and eating habits. She was happy with most of it, and we set some realistic goals. She gave me some great tips about dealing with my snacking and mid day blahs. I was so focused on keeping down my daily points for the day I was totally ignoring my body telling me it was burning off what I was eating even though it was great fuel. Also some ways to help with my late night snacking and putting some variety in my snacks. She said it was normal for people to want something salty or sweet in the afternoon. She said as you lose weight, your body actually works against you.  Your body was so used to being at your old weight its “fighting” to get back to that weight.

One of the most interesting things she said was about snacking. She was telling me that studies show you are only 20% satisfied with 80% of the bites you take. Your mouth almost gets bored with your snack. Of course instead of eating a bag of chips, you should always put them in a bowl so you can work on portion control and not mindlessly eat. Also, try to make a plate of snacks of different things. Different textures and tastes. You can make good choices and you don’t have all of one thing to bore your mouth and mind. I really loved that idea.

My doctor was super happy with the visit. She does an overall check in to see how things went, and what kind of plan we have. I’ve somehow managed to lose 5% of what I originally started out, and she’ll be super happy if i make that 10%. She stressed how important just losing that little bit of weight can make on your body, and for myself in particular-my sugar levels.

I had such a good visit with both of them I decided to keep the fun going. I went back to work for few hours, rushed home to change clothes, and went back over to Halifax for wait for it…..Yoga! Both my sister in laws do Yoga, and seem to be quite good at it. I’ve never been one for it. I always thought with my bad neck and back how could I possibly do that. Well….I did! The place my sister in law goes to its a community place. She goes every week, and is even training to be certified to teach the kids at her school. The teacher for this allows drop in for first time visits. I was scared to go. I squeezed into my tight new yoga pants and snugger shirt (because apparently you don’t want loose or baggy clothing) and headed over. I don’t know if I could have gone on my own. I met my sister in law and one of the ladies I’d become friends with from Weight Watchers I hadn’t seen in forever. I managed to get through the class. I’m not quite as limber or stretched as I should be, but I was able to do most of the work. I did manage to sweat and get out of breath but not undo able. This whole being straight in downward dog is hard but I gave it my best. They have this blocks I had to use because I’m not that stretched out, and I’m super short. My arms are like little T-Rex arms. I kept having to shorten my poses. Everyone was nice and supportive.

I was certainly out of my comfort zone. I would have never tried something like this before. It got me an hour of sweaty exercise and stretched out in ways I didn’t expect. I won’t be able to go every week, but I am going to try it again. I want to try different ways to do more than just the bare minimum. next up is getting my treadmill cleaned off and back in use.

What kind of exercise do y’all like to do?? What kind of activity motivates you??


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