Lemon Cookies & Pool 2.0

Hey Y’all,

Welcome to another Case of the Mundays! It was windy, cold and little snowy, but overall not a bad day. If you bundle up well at least its not so bad. The main thing is having a good scarf to keep the wind from taking your breath away. I am so happy i did all my prepping yesterday. It makes going into the week so much easier, and you feel a little ahead of the game. Ohh yeah let me show you my butternut squash soup I made in the slow cooker last night. I got it blended up last night and put into tons of containers. I froze a bunch and some in the fridge for lunches. Doesn’t it look yummy!!

      I wish all I had was work today but its never that simple. For those of you who don’t know me I’m a diabetic. I’m just over the tipping line, but diabetic none the less. Yah Me! Its no surprise for me, it runs on both sides of the family, but of course its something you never want! I don’t have to test, just some medication, and diet controlled. My doctor wanted to send me back just to see the nutritionist. We didn’t know I’d end up seeing one separately.  I did learn a few interesting things, but I felt I showed the nutritionist a few new healthy ideas to try. It was a good reminder of how to pay attention to how your body processes your food. It just sucks it took up most of my day to do so.

I come home and am tasked with cleaning up, woohoo. Then I make Lemon cookies for a friend i was to see at Christmas. these cookies. man, are they in demand. I tried them last year as a new pintrest recipe. My friends ate my supply every time they were over. When I was doing my Christmas baking they came over and ate them without realising I was saving them for Christmas presents! I have had requests for a friends birthday, and get together. It’s like a crinkle cookie with icing sugar and real lemon juice and zest. I have to admit they are good. Here is the link: http://www.serenabakessimplyfromscratch.com/2015/12/soft-and-chewy-lemon-cookies.html?m=1. Its from Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch. I posted the link in my google profile as well. I can’t give her enough credit. Here is my cookies from today. It was a way to get what I needed done, but stay busy at the same time.

Then I got a call from my sister in law today. We used to go to the pool every Monday night but I stopped a long time ago. I just got lazy and out of the habit of it. She was not going to be home tonight to go. She was getting home early, and called to ask me if I wanted to go. My brain was screaming stay home and “take it easy”. Well lets face it…that’s how to got to my blob like status, and I don’t want to be anymore.  I’ve had plenty of nights at home doing nothing. So I let her know I’d go. Since I wasn’t working late like I normally do on Monday Nights because of my above mentioned appointment. I thought about it. I could sit on the couch, catch up on TV, and do nothing because I was all set for the most part for tomorrow. Then I thought of the new goals I set with the nutritionist last week of being more active at least more than once a week. Then I knew I had to go! I know its a drive over to Halifax, makes for a longer night, more gas, but Oh well. I know it’ll be worth it in the end. I had dinner already almost ready so I ate my spaghetti sauce loaded with veggies, and spaghetti squash. I was getting ready to head over when she called to say there was a fire at the pool earlier, but they hadn’t cancelled class yet. So I just said oh well I’m gonna head over and see what happens.

      As my luck usually runs I got over to her place, and the pool was cancelled. Low and behold she has a pool in her new apartment building. We see it when you go in the back, and can’t miss smelling it but we never put much thought into it. We decided to give it go and try the pool. It was empty thankfully since its not a huge pool. It was suppose to be heated, but not so much. Lol. it goes from 3.5 to 8 feet deep. We like it in the shallow in. We aren’t trying to get our swim on.

    We have been going to the pool long enough we know the exercises by now. We got in and did a really busy, sweaty workout. We only did 35 minutes but we did more in that time than we usually get done in the hour at the pool. They even had a tiny sauna in the change room. It was awesome!! We got to dry off so you not trying to change out of soaking wet clothes!

      We were talking as we dried. We were talking about how our motivations have changed, and how things are coming together. Things are never gonna be perfect, and I’m gonna still have my chips and salty snacks, but I feel different! I feel like I want it more this time! I feel like things are coming together. Instead of making myself exercise and just get thru it- I want to do it. I see the benefits. I see friend who made the jump and are healthier, happier, and damn if they don’t look great. I have moved away from focusing on the scale. Don’t get me wrong, it still frustrates me! Its just not my focus. I know I feel better when I eat better, and exercise. I enjoy the “better” feeling after exercising.

      I really noticed that today when I had a late lunch. I try to limit my pasta intake, but i love pasta. I really wanted some mac and cheese. I have some boxes from last time we went over the border. the good stuff! I made a box, opened up my tomato’s and had lunch. I ate more than I should, which before I would have eaten the whole box. I usually crave it when I’m not feeling well. It was like a comfort food. I ate it and have felt rotten all night until the pool. I felt bloated and gross. I have learned it didn’t agree with me like it used to.

So after all my ramblings, I hope this blog reminds you YOU are worth it. you can change! Even if its just one choice, one bite, or one walk. What changes are y’all making? What things are you trying?? Hit me up and let me know!


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