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Prep Nation & Slow Cooked Dinner

Hey Y’all,

Welcome to another mildy snowy cold Sunday. I got to sleep in today!!! Woot woot. I’m so grateful for that!! I really needed a good sleep and that I could get up when I wanted. I woke up early, and instead of getting up i just laid in bed. My mind is usually going 100 miles and hour and can’t go back to sleep. This morning I put all that aside, and just rested. It was great!

Then I got up and the lists of 100 things went going thru my mind.  Not to mention my lists I made last night. I knew if I didn’t start writing it down I’d forget stuff. And once my feet hit the floor it was game time. I sorta love and hate what is becoming my Sunday routine.  The hubby made plans to game with some friends so I prefer that. I like feeling more productive when I’m by myself. Plus I don’t feel like I’m doing it all myself when I’m here alone. versus when he’s home I feel like I’m doing all this work alone and he’s just chilling on the couch watching me to do.

I made this soup last week with my client, and it was amazing! She had a recipe she got from a church luncheon for Butternut Squash Soup. Its non existent for points, and it was so yummy! I prepped the veggies the day before so I could focus on the soup for that days shift. There is no cream in it so very healthy. The only ingredient that’s not great is the bouillon, but we cut that in half.

I am making it this week for my lunches. I really enjoy having soups for lunch. I put mine in the slow cooker this morning to be blended up shortly. I cut out the butter, and opted for no salt chicken stock instead of water. Ive seen other recipes that use pears or apples. I was told that someone uses fruit for sweetness. I added one apple to a double batch of the recipe to see if it makes a difference. I am excited to have these for lunches this week. I made a small roast my other slow cooker as well. We usually have a slow cooker roast on Sundays. I don’t know if we just love Sunday supper or what, but its great. I prepped carrots, potatoes, parsnips, turnip, fresh green beans, and steamed spinach. Then I prepped carrots, zucchini, onions, mushrooms, green and red peppers for a spaghetti sauce tomorrow. I even pre cooked my ground beef with some garlic and ms dash for  a quicker dinner tomorrow. I did extra veggies so i can make a beef stew later this week.

    I also try to prep my meats if I have to as well. I am making this amazing chicken fingers recipe i made last week. I used egg whites or wash, and breadcrumbs and cornmeal.  It’s a recipe from Pintrest from . I’ll post the recipe at the end of the blog. I cut up my chicken to use and froze it. I couldn’t post the recipe so here is the link:

     Then I move onto morning meal preps. I have some oatmeal left over frozen from last week. I made up few mornings with eggs. I scramble them up, and just have to reheat them. I made up yogurt and frozen fresh fruit for snacks, and clementines for my in between client snacks. Then i use whatever fruit I have for the week. For instance I had leftover cantaloupe and grapes. Those are gonna be my snacks for the week.

   By the time its all said and done it took like 5 hrs but I finished! I always feel this sense of accomplishment when I’m done. I feel set for the week, and I’m less likely to eat chips or junk. I was feeling really frustrated this morning. I did my weekly weigh in and the scale went up AGAIN!! It wasn’t much, but not the results I wanted. I did tons of exercise last week, and more activity to crappy results. I know in the long run things will change, but you can understand my moment of grrrrr this morning. The doctor said some other stuff was going on in my body fighting off this sickness that she said might effect the scale but its just annoying!!

So I am putting my big girl pants on and just working my way through it. As I’ve been saying no one is going to do this stuff for me, so I’m going to keep going! Please share your tips for getting through those difficult days, or go to recipes.


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