Flat Tire Syndrome & Free Pool Time

Hey Y’all

Welcome to a rather foggy 5 degree day. It was raining and foggy all day. The warmer weather helped clean off some of the ice and snow. It’s good because tomorrow and Friday we are in store for some bad weather. They are calling for a Nor’easter. yah more snow!!

I had a pretty decent day (I hope the same can be said for y’all). I had a semi full day, got a beef stew in the slow cooker before I left for work, and time to think! LOL. I had a free hours this afternoon so I made my way home. I was finishing off the stew before going back to work. Low and behold the hubby comes home early. He left for work this morning at 4:30 AM people. I am usually just waking up for a bathroom run before going back to sleep. Apparently people wanted to get a jump on getting this ice and snow removed before the next round of weather hit. he comes in the door and says Oh honey…guess what. Which always get my Patton whhhhattt. He’s like you have a flat tire. I come around the corner like you have GOT to be kidding me!! People how can this keep happening!!!!! its the third one this year. Its partially our fault. This are older snow tires (yes still a good tread to them) and they sat for awhile. Apparently all the valve stems are going. (see previous posts). So he was going to change my tire. I was worried about putting on the donut (even though that sucker is brand new because its not made for daily wear). He said he was taking it off and going back to work anyway and would get it fixed. I was insistent he had to put it back on tonight. I was going to be out for a good chunk of the night, and he was going out as well. He put the all season tire on but I need good tires for tomorrow. I am just getting more comfy and not pain icky in the snow, I don’t need to start sliding backwards. We agreed he will fix that tire, and when its better fix the last one and hopefully make it through the winter!!!

So I could have easily wanted to stay home,but i was tired and sore and knew some exercise would help. I don’t know when that whole idea clicked that I want to exercise. I knew the work is worth it. I bought my dinner with me to eat while working so I wouldn’t be starving later. Then I drove myself over to Halifax for the pool. We got there tonight, and of course not 15 minutes before some kid had thrown up in the pool!! Which of course means we get cut off from doing our hour of workout. The only benefit is since we showed up they have to give you a free pass! Instead of giving up we went back to my sister in laws apartment. even though there were a few people in the pool we got in. We didn’t want to waste the chance to get some exercise in. We might have only gotten 35 minutes, but we worked hard! Then we got some time in the sauna to dry off which was nice.

I’m happy we are keeping going. Before we would have not thought twice about sitting on the couch, having dinner and snacks, and doing nothing about it.

OK I hope y’all were able to get through the day. I’m off to have a little homemade low point dessert we made up this weekend and bed. G’night y’all



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