Pending Snow Storm & Lentil Chips

Hey Y’all,

Welcome to what’s turning out to be a crazy night!! We have been getting reports all week we were getting a storm today. It’s been on every news report for the last few days. Everyone was gearing up for it all day. I was stressing it all day. Places were nuts today people getting “ready” for the storm. You would have thought people hadn’t gotten gas or groceries before.

   Well we waited ALL day for it. They cancelled things left, right and center. Places were closing early everywhere. I was suppose to go with my sister in law to my second yoga tonight. They cancelled and there was not a snow flake to be seen. My sweet clients were worrying themselves sick about me being out in the weather having to drive.

     The only bad part about living in Canada is the WEATHER!!! Its taken my years to get used to the cold and snow. I used to have full on panic attacks as soon as the snow started flying. I would go as far to take the bus because I was scared of driving. I’ve gotten 1000 times better!! I am more confident in my driving. Don’t get me wrong, i still freak out, but its just gotten better. 

      So come 7:30 tonight the Nor’easter began! It came down fast and furious. We got 2-3cm in half hour. Now its a mix between snow and ice pellets, and really strong blowing winds. I have no idea what it will be like in the morning. The totally sucky part of my job is we don’t get time off for bad weather, holidays, or well…anything. Nursing is a 24hr job. The only way I get out of work is if they pull the buses from the roads, which means its not safe to be out of the roads. I try not to think about it because i know it could all change by the morning. People still need help getting up, out of bed, fed and ready for the day even if they are spending it inside.

    I wish I could have worked out tonight, but its nice to take a break. I made the homemade chicken nuggets i posted a little while back about winner winner chicken dinner. They turned out just as well this time as last! I got lazy on the veggies. We had steamed kale, brussell sprouts, fresh green beans, and tater tots. I can’t remember the last time I made tots. #GiveMeYourTots (reference for those who have no idea-Napoleon Dynamite-so funny!!) I thought I’d be all over them, but i only ate a few. I was more into the chicken.

       I was going to Marshall’s today to pick up some Pizzelle’s.  I am in a constant struggle for finding other ways to get around my salty chip addiction. They always have different variety of snacks. They had Lentil chips with Himalayan sea salt. I scanned them and they are low in points. They are almost like a puffed snack that you can’t tell if its fried or puffed from air. They turned out much better than I thought. They were marked down and turned out to be tasty. So our local radio host coined a term for her getting chips before a big storm. #stormchips. I totally love it, and has trended on twitter.

What new kinds of snacks are you trying?? Feel free to share!!


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