Uh oh snow storm & Prep-a-looza

Hey Y’all,

Welcome to possibly the calm before the storm! We are apparently in for a HUGE storm! They are calling from anywhere from 20-80cm of snow. They are calling for it start around midnight tonight. My husband lives and breathes the weather network. I mean we can always hope for the best, the last storm didn’t do nearly as much as we thought it would be. Although…….they are already being pre-emptive for the storm. It takes a LOT to take the buses off the road. This is the ONLY way we aren’t required to go into work. There are NO buses running anywhere in the city. Schools then followed. So knowing whats coming I call into work. I just wanted to let the on call service know there are no buses tomorrow. I would guess they are going to be getting a ton and making a ton of calls. This poor young guy doesn’t quite get it. He thinks I’m calling out of work and is trying to take down all my shifts. I keep telling him I’m NOT calling out, but wanted him to let him know about the transit system. Then he puts me on hold and comes back to tell me I’d have to call back in the morning to call out of work. Yet again, I’m not calling out of work. I’m telling you they aren’t having buses, and when they pull the buses off the road, is the only way we aren’t required to go to work.

I just have to shake my head. I will get up in the morning and see whats going on and go from there. I don’t want to miss out on a full day of work. I need every single hour I can get right now, but I have to be safe at the same time. At the same time I might as well kiss my husband goodbye for the week. He will be working all hours of the night and day this week I’m sure with all this snow.

Now onto the exciting part I’m sure you are bound to reading this for…prep-a-looza. Lol. I actually am learning to condense, but adding things at the same time. I was worried with this impending storm i would be without my #stormchips so I ran out this morning. I am hooked on these new chips I’ve been talking about The Daily Crave-Lentil Chips.

MAN are they good. Low in points, and gives me the chip flavour I’ve been missing. I haven’t found them anywhere else but Marshall’s. I bought the last few bag they had (and on clearance at that-double score). As much as I would have loved to get take out I came home and made up some really really worth it brushetta.  I took the points for the baguette, and made up fresh brushetta mix. I topped it with a little bit of feta and balsamic glaze. It was worth every point!!

Then I came back home to start my fun day of prepping. I had the standard making up my batch of iced tea. I made up my yummy meatloaf for dinner. We had a ton of veggies with it. We had carrots, spinach, potatoes, corn, zucchini with onions, and tiny bit of gravy. Prepping that alone takes up enough time. I had to make up my steel cut oats and eggs for breakfast. I find my time in the mornings is quite precious. I prefer to just heat something up or make it quick, but there is nothing that says it can’t be healthy and tasty. I switched up my fruits for this week. I got some peaches, and kiwi. I also finally got my hands on some Meyer lemons. They are suppose to be a mix between a lemon and orange. Its not as tart as a regular lemon. I’m hoping it will sweeten my lemon water a little bit.  I also treated myself to a sweet mason jar to use for my yogurts. Its got measurements on the sides so you can track amounts as well. I also made some roasted beets in the oven for dinners this week. Fresh roasted beets are SO yummy. I have been toying with trying a new recipe that’s a beet soup. I don’t know if it’ll be something I’d like. I was happy I didn’t have to make any soups up for the week. I have enough between the veggie, beef cabbage, and butternut squash soups.

I am always looking for a good deal. Last week at one of our local meat stores (see previous posts) I got my hands on weight watcher tortilla’s for only 97cents. I didn’t even break into them. They, of course, had a shorter shelf life since they were on sale. I pulled those out and cut them up. I sprayed them with cooking spray, topped with fresh cracked pepper and salt and baked for a few minutes. Its a great way to make a healthier version of chips. They go great with dips, or guacamole, or salsa’s. You get a bunch of pieces for 2 points.

I hope this day has been as eventful as mine has been. What kind of prepping do y’all do for the week??  Any new fruits?



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