Cold Pool & Snowy Roads

Hey Y’all,

I keep wanting to say welcome to Monday, but its Wednesday!! This snow storm has totally thrown off my week. I felt like it was Monday all day. I had to keep telling my clients it was Wednesday too. There is no doubt tomorrow I’ll think it’s Friday, lol.

You can goggle the weather here. We had a crazy storm. There is so much snow and no where to put it. The roads are mostly done, but still a lot to be done. There are a bunch of roads that have like 1.5 lanes instead of 2. They were so worried with getting the snow off the road they piled it off to the sides. Most sidewalks here are piled up 2-3 feet. Most aren’t cleared, and a ton of people were walking on the road today. It’s going to take at least a week to catch up on all the snow. Not to mention we are in for another storm starting tonight. Yah us! Lol

After having two days of not activity I was happy to get back to work. Yes, I said it. Back to work, lol. Also I miss having extra activity. There was no way I was going to miss a chance for extra activity tonight. We go to the pool on Wednesday nights now. We used to always go Mondays, but we got out of it. I am trying to get back into doing exercise consistent at least from 2-3 times a week. I am hoping to get my old treadmill cleaned off in our basement for use again. It doesn’t help its freezing cold in the basement as of late so haven’t really been too motivated. We haven’t had much luck with the pool as of late. We had bad weather, and kids getting sick in the pool. Whereas it was nice to finally get back in the pool the heat wasn’t working very well. It was freezing!! We had to keep our butts seriously moving the whole time to keep warm. We really wanted to get our exercise on tonight to get into cold water!!

Moving on to the recipe portion of my post. I made one of my favorite dishes in the slow cooker. Beef Tips & Noodles. I wanted to share my recipe for this as well.

1 carton No Salt Added Beef Broth (4 cups worth)

1 packet Beef Gravy

4 tblspoons white country pepper gravy mix (if not available-just throw in 2 tblspoons ground pepper)

1-2 lbs sliced steak

1 (i usually use 2) Tbsp Worchestershire Sauce

mix all these together & cook on LOW for 6-8 hours

Mix 4 Tbsp corn starch with little bit of water-add at end and stir, give 10-20 minutes to fully thicken

Make 1 bag of X-Broad No Yolk Egg Noodles and serve Beef Tips over Egg Noodles



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