Eggs Gone Wild

Hey Y’all

Welcome to another balmy Sunday. I was so happy about having a day off I really wanted to sleep in. I had a reaction to something this week and the doctor told me to take a week of antihistamines. I took mine at night because I know they make you drowsy. Well it knocked me out last night!!! I was up a bunch for the bathroom as usual, lol, but i slept in til after 11am. It was great to sleep in. The hubby had to work for the umpteenth day in a row so it was quiet in the house. Regardless of the reason I was more than happy to sleep in.

I took today to try some new recipes. Most turned out, which is good odds. I tried two new egg recipes. You have to love pintrest. It’s essentially mini omelette, but in a different way.  I made the first batch with fresh shredded carrots, peas, corn, little bit of spinach and topped with cheese. They turned out pretty good.

As you can see I tried them, and now I have something a little different for my breakfasts.

 My second batch was more egg whites, bell peppers,onions,fresh spinach, feta cheese, and topped with cheese. They might have gotten a little oversized, but that’s ok. They shrink as they cool. I saved a few for my breakfasts and froze the rest. I am excited to be trying something new for a change.

I used some greek yogurt and made what i thought would be almost like a chocolate pudding. I used some coco powder and sweetener but it was blah. I added some chocolate pudding mix. You are supposed to microwave the pudding to mix it all together. It well…turned into almost glue. I think i save it but we’ll see later when i break it back out. Then I used my other batch of greek yogurt to make my new favorite Jello mix in. I made the orange last week. It tasted JUST like an orange creamsicle. This week I made it when Lemon. They are a great healthy no sugar snack, but makes you feel you are eating  real decadent pudding. I made up individual solo cups for most, but i used a tiny ice-cube tray to make tiny little bites I can enjoy as well.

I finished off my prep this evening with my fruit. There is always tons of fruit!

I chose cantaloupe this week.It’s a little firm but in the containers it ripens up and keeps for over a week. I am addicted to clementines. I have them everyday as a snack between clients. They are never wasted. Lets face it, at the prices of them as well, you can’t afford to waste them!! I found some at Costco this week. I usually buy them from the local, but it was cheaper from Costco this week so I thought I’d change it up. We got a stellar deal on fruits this week. We got boxes of strawberries for 97cents, and double pints of blueberries for 2. You can’t beat prices like that. I have tons of fresh fruit for the week, and even got 3 kiwi’s for a $1 for a snack as well.

I am trying to keep on track. I have been made chip cravings. As you have read I have found other ways around it. I use pretzels and lentil chips. Last night I broke down. I don’t know if its hormones or just a mega case of missing chips. I had a serving and really enjoyed it. it was worth every bite! I’ve said I won’t deny myself treats, and I didn’t! I have had some nights where I can almost hear the chips and snackie cakes calling my names. I still try to remember what the Nutritionist  said about your body fighting you. As you lose weight(however small it might be) your body starts to realize it and your body “fights” with you to get back to the weight you were. I just have to keep it in check. I haven’t worked this hard to throw it away and feel like crap again. I can really tell the difference in how I’m feeling. When I eat stuff that’s not good fuel I feel so much worse.

I have a fridge full of fruits, yogurt, and will to succeed. Its a local holiday here tomorrow so the pool is closed and won’t have my buddy on Wed or Thursday night  so my activity levels aren’t looking so hot. In comes my sister-in-law with the pool at her place. I will take any extra activity I can get. I might dread doing it some nights but man do I feel great after!!

What kind of activity are y’all up to? What kinds of snacks are you getting into?? Let me know!!


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