Crash Day & Black Beans

Hey Y’all


Welcome to a fantastic day of Case of the Mondays!  I feel like parts of my day were epically downhill, but not all of it!! I was so exhausted today. I could not sleep last night and maybe got 2-3 hours. It made getting up early that much harder, but I love my job. I hadn’t seen one of my clients in two weeks so I really wanted to visit them today. I enjoyed one of the egg muffins I made yesterday for breakfast, and let me tell you-homerun. It was just what i needed for a change to my morning breakfasts.

I got a break today between clients and I came home and sort of melted into the couch. I don’t even remember laying down! That hour break went FAST, but it got me through my day. I have never been so happy to take a nap. I was able to go back to work a little bit happier. I was suppose to head over to the pool tonight, but I am not feeling well outside of being tired. The pool usually gets out my aches and pains but I just didn’t have the energy to do it.

Onto better topics! I tried a new recipe tonight!! Southwest Burrito Wraps. They made with a ton of yummy ingredients. Ground Beef, black beans (which now you can get frozen so you avoid that gross liquid and no salt!), corn, onions, peppers, and rice. I give full credit to Tastebetterfromscratch


They turned out great. I used instant rice to cut down on time as well. My hubby is working late with all this snow we’ve had so I made him up two. I crisped them up in the pan with my press weight so you get that nice crisp from them. He texted me to tell me he loved them so much I could defiantly make them again-even when I put in the black beans!!!! Its low in points and quite filling.

I finished off later with this yogurt pseudo cheesecake we made this weekend. Someone told my sister in law about it and we gave it a go. you use Skyr yogurt, sugar free vanilla pudding, and cool whip. It really did turn out like cheesecake!!! We thawed out some frozen fresh fruit to put on top. We had one left and that was my treat for tonight. As much as I wanted to drown in chips and chocolate I did not!! I also took out the chocolate greek yogurt with coco and sugar free chocolate pudding mix. I thinned it out with a little bit of milk and blended it up. I think I am going to be able to get through it.

What kind of recipes are y’all trying? Any new foods you are delving into??? Please share!!


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