Heavy Case of the Mundays

Hey Y’all,

Welcome to another blah Monday.

I started my weekend off with a productive Sunday. I made a new batch of egg muffins. I used breakfast links this week, french toast. It was good but strange at the same time. I opted to add in the same veggies-fresh spinach, peppers, onions, feta, and topped them with pinch of mozzarella cheese. I think the sweetness of the sausages didn’t really go. I think next time it would have to be plain, sage, or go back to bacon. I think you need the salty savoury mix.

I got some prep work done but I didn’t go overboard. I did make a fresh batch of lemon cookies. A friend of ours had a birthday and I made him a batch. The first thing he asked me was if they were just for him, to which I said of course! He said i’m hiding them and taking them to work with me.

I wasn’t feeling well when I got up this morning but I plowed through it. Sometimes you just need to get your but in gear and get on with your day. I had a super busy day and only had a half hour break. Lets just say I totally napped for that time! Lol. I am home and have zero energy. I am hoping i’m just sorta tired and not coming down with something.

Do y’all have go to meals when your tired and beat? Any quick and yummy ideas? Share them along!


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