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Busy day, poop, and pool time

Hey Y’all,

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday. It was certainly a busy day! I ran all day. I don’t mind the busy days, but i hate when i feel like I’m not getting ahead no matter how hard I try!

I was running late today but still had to carve out time to come home to make an early dinner because I knew it was going to be a busy night. I made one my hubby and friends favourite meals, homemade Crunchwraps. Yes that meal that Taco Bell made. I saw an idea for it last year and deiced to make my own. Its healthier, tastier, and there are never any left over! My hubby downs two himself, and i can barely get through one! We have a friend that goes nuts for them, and being his birthday today I made some to him. I had to wrap mine up and take it with me to my next clients.

Its pool night. After working all day and being back and forth in halifax, i drove back over to halifax. We were on route to the pool when another text the pool got closed! There is kids pool classes before our aquafit classes. We know its always a risk, but its happening more and more!!! Thankfully my sister in law always saves the day. We go back to the pool in her building. Its small, but works great for getting some exercise in. We are usually by ourselves so we can really work out without getting in someone’s way or worry about how we look! We work twice as hard as we normally do in the pool. I can honestly say we really give it when we go. We know most of the exercises, and know we won’t ever get anywhere if we don’t put in the work.  We get home earlier than going to the pool, and I can actually relax for a while before bed.

What kind of activities are y’all into? What exercises are your favourite??? Please share away!


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