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Back in the saddle for Prep Olympics

Hey Ya’ll,

Helllllooo!! Welcome. I know its been radio silence for awhile but I am BACK. As much as I wanted to try to stick to blogging everyday, I realized that life got in the way. After my last post I went home for a much needed family and friends check in. I took some time off to regroup and fall of the wagon. I was still eating ok, but everything else sorta went by the wayside. I forget when I’m home (Virginia home) I have all kinds of good eats and restaurants I don’t get to go to a lot.  Then after I got back I lost my motivation. I stopped working out and was going down that tunnel that never leads to anything good. I then got a much needed visit from one of my BFF’s up here and that lead to lots of lunches and just relaxation.

I realized when I was going through a bag of chips in two days, wanting to nap all the time, and no motivation to do anything. I pulled my pants up and got back on track. I can’t tell you how much BETTER I feel. I used to laugh when they say you are what you eat, but now I get it!! When I’m eating junk food, sugary treats, and late night eating I felt like nothing. I have found my grove back. I am finding ways to keep busy, planning my meals, prepping healthy snacks, and not buying bags of chips. I am starting back on my exercise, and just feeling better. I know that planning, prepping and quick choices make all the difference. I don’t mind having a not as healthy meal once in awhile, but its not worth it all the time. My sleep is better when I’m not having chips and snacks late at night. I am an insomniac so getting some good quality sleep is super important. I have to work at it everyday, and my eating habits really factor into that.

So, welcome to my Sunday. I would love to have a relaxing, lazy day but my time factor for work has to play into it. I know that to be successful in my week I have to plan my snacks and lunches. I usually make soups or leftovers I would want to take with me. Every week I must spend an hour or two just prepping fruits for snacks. I make yogurts, oranges, strawberries, grapes, melons, and vegetables.

 I also have some great tips and tricks for saving your fruit and vegetables. I usually buy spinach and kale every week. If you spin then in a salad spinner, line a big freezer bag with paper towels, and suck out all the air it will last all week. Also if you wrap your celery in aluminum foil it will keep for weeks!! You can do that for your lettuce as well, but I like to wrap it in paper towel and put in a freezer bag. I change it every few days and it keeps for 2-3 weeks that way. I also make egg muffins for breakfast. Protein in the morning is very important!! I found a great recipe on pinterest. I just love. I make them at least every other week. I throw in some carrots, zucchini, shallots, and corn. I cut them small so your not left with big chunks. Its a great breakfast in the morning with some fresh tomatoes.

 We also have Sunday supper. This week we decided on BBQ Chicken with mashed potatoes, mashed turnips, corn, carrots, roasted beats, broccoli, and steamed kale. Then I made lemon cookies for a snack for my hubby and friends. I also made some spaghetti squash for a new recipe i want to try this week. Stay tuned on how that goes.

          I didn’t realize how long that all takes. I worked for a solid 7 hours! I think I would have rather worked instead of doing all this work, but i know it’ll make for a successful week.

Welcome back to my adventures. I’m glad your along for the ride. What kind of a prep secrets can you share??


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