Rainy accommodating Monday

Hey Ya’ll,

Welcome to another higher day of Education. Lol (For those who don’t know my love of the movie Pretty In Pink it’s a favourite quote. Today is a little cold rainy day. As much as I don’t like the rain I know we need it. My problem it the atmospheric pressure. Even a little bit of pressure gives me headaches and makes my face ache like crazy. There isn’t much I can do about it, but live through it. Does anyone else notice the effects of how your sinuses are when there are weather changes?

There is something in the air today and its bleeding into everything. I have clients getting sick and hospitalizations. It makes for a crazy schedule trying to fill those gaps back in. Plus I worry about how my clients are doing and whats going on with them. Dealing with headaches and rain are no fun, but I know I can get past it. We need the rain if we are going to start growing grass, flowers, and vegetables.

I put my prep work to the test today with great success. I had some yogurt, grapes, oranges and kiwi today. As well as i had prepped veggies for a hearty beef stew. It was great to come home to dinner being ready an have a nice warm stew to keep you warm. It was epic to not have to prepare dinner. Especially after having to work late. Sometimes clients have things come up last minute and you have accommodate their appointments or schedule. It mean having work late, and miss my pool time, but it is what it is.

What are some of ya’lls favourite things to do a cold rainy day???


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