Rainy Tuesday Adventures

Hey Ya’ll,

Welcome to another Rainy Tuesday. The day started out no so rainy but its not almost a thunderstorm out there. It was suppose to be a warmer rain today but not so much! At least its not suppose to last all week.

I ended up getting done sooner than later today from work. I always enjoy that quiet hour I can get sometimes before the hubby comes home. I also can’t just sit around and do nothing as much as I yearn for it. So i prepped tonights dinner. Cheeseburger roll up (look it up on pinterest-our familly loves it) and spaghetti squash tots. First is them pre-prepped, second is cooked. They turned out pretty well. I guess it helps i love spaghetti squash. I baked them a few minutes over what they said and it turned out great. I would totally make them again. No oils, frying or fatty ingredients needed to make a yummy side dish.


  I also prepped tomorrows dinner-Chilli!! I load my chilli with tons of beans. I use kidney, pinto, six bean mix, corn, and lentils. Add some yummy tomatoes, onions, beef broth, and ground beef fried with garlic and Worcestershire sauce. I put that in the slow cooker and tomorrow night-easy peasy dinner!!

    What kind of add ins do you add to your chilli? Sometimes I add a can of baked beans for some added richness. I’d love to hear ya’lls feed back.


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