Half Speed Preptastics

Hey Ya’ll,

Welcome to whats left of the weekend. All I wanted to do is sleep in and let the day go by. That whats Sundays are for, right! Gone are the days I’d sleep til like 1. Now its up before 10 because always plenty of things to do. I guess I just thought I’d be able to curl up on the couch and spend the day snoozing. I guess I am happy to get things done.

The one great things is my hubby loves to make breakfast. I got a nice pancake to start the day.

I also got turned onto a new “milk”. I love chocolate milk but it doesn’t always agree with me. Someone was asking me if I had Silk almond milk before. I have used Almond milk for smoothies but never to drink regularly. I found it a little dull and only liked the vanilla. So someone gave me something new to try. I loved it. I am not one for dark chocolate, but for some reason this new milk tastes just like regular chocolate milk. I am loving it. I celebrated with a glass this morning. It can be expensive because you find it with regular milk but I found it on sale.

I wasn’t as productive as  I like but I was able to get a few things done. I made a full Sunday dinner-slow cooker pot roast, mashed potatoes, carrots, parsnips, fresh green beans, corn, and steamed kale. We always try to have a nice Sunday dinner when we can. Its our way to spoil ourselves and get some time together. Hubby had his own outside work, and I managed to keep busy. I didn’t want all those yummy peppers last week so I did some meal prepping today.I managed to get three meals prepped, and use most of them. I am trying stir fry, enchiladas, and chilli. I used two great enchilada sauce recipes and made my own. Its SO yummy. It makes enough for two meals, really almost 3. I use one bottle, and freeze another. Its also no sodium like package or canned tends to do.  I am sharing my recipe in case ya’ll want to try it. I hope you enjoy it!!


I also found a way to save some money as well. I make my smoothies all the time, and i use a lot of frozen fruit. I usually buy fresh fruit during the summer and freeze all my extras, or those juicy first season strawberries, but that doesn’t always last. I then supplement with like big Costco bags of different frozen fruits, or whatever I can catch on sale. Some people can be picky but i like lots of mixed fruits. I predominately stick to berries but not only. I like cranberries, pineapple, mango, juice and even chopped up kale. Anyway I was down to my last pieces of frozen pineapple. I was dreading spending $10 for a bag of frozen pineapple.  I always have my eye out on a great deal. My local market had pineapples on special. 77 cents!!!! We bought 3 Jumbo pineapples.

 I love it as a snack but getting through one in a week can be hard with all the acidity.  Anyway I thought two birds with one stone. I have a great stainless steel pineapple corer so we don’t have to cut the sides and core and possible waste. We cut it up, drain a little, and froze it. We had to do it one at a time to be able to freeze batches at the time. I found if you don’t do that and just try to just bag and freeze it it all freezes together and you’ll never get any real good use of it. This is a pic of the second pineapple we froze today.


So instead of spending $10 I got pineapples for $2.50 and will have close to the same amount. Lastly I always make up some eggs for breakfasts. I always make up a wrap or  two for my early morning jobs. Then I made a yummy batch of egg muffins filled with mixed peppers and onions and topped with a little bit of cheese. I can eat these the rest of the week and are super yummy.

I hope some of my meal preps. I might have started not wanting to get much done but happy i did.

Take care, and feel free to share you ideas, recipes and tips!


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