Spiralized Prepping

Hey Ya’ll,

I know, long time no blog. I will be upfront and honest. I fell off the wagon…like broke the wells off fell off. I was living in a world where I could eat whatever I want, not worry about my sugars, and not think a thing about it. It turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong!! After a very disappointing appointment I realized the changed I need to make. I can take care of people all day long and do whats best for them….but for me, not so much. I took my day of wallowing and got myself back up. I have been prepping for two weeks now. It might be exhausting, but SO worth it. I have managed to cut out my nightly chips and actually EAT my lunches. I have always found my lunches are my hardest.

I think I could love on Pinterest. I could spend hours finding new recipes and ideas. I get success with most of them but not all.  I found some great success with the new ones I’ve tried so far. I started with trying something different for breakfast.  I have heard people raving about these healthier bagels but hadn’t given it much thought. Then my sister in law made some and they were quite good. Who would have thought greek yogurt and some flour would be a hit. I made my first batch last week and made breakfast sandwiches. I actually got my hubby to eat breakfast with a small tweak to his. I had enough bagels for my breakfasts, and a few to give out to see what others thought. I tried my hand at eggs like the make at McDonalds. That was a very successful pin.




The eggs turned out just like the McDonald’s ones. I was surprised but happy with the results.  I also made a tray of egg muffins. It doesn’t matter how much i spray them they are so hard to clean!!!! I used ground pork and found a pin that you season them like sausage to give them some flair.

Next i wanted to up my lunch game. I love Soups, but needed something I didn’t have to heat up depending on where my day took me, as well as Its been UBER hot. I found a fantastic pin for a chicken salad that doesn’t use tons of mayo.  It was quite tasty. I instant potted some chicken and shredded it up with the hand mixer. (if you’ve never seen that trick google it, its a huge time saver). You add in mayo and greek yogurt, which is low in points. It called for Dijon mustard but i’m not really a fan so I just left it out. I added in some diced apple, and cranberries.  I found the second time around i added more seasoning for some more kick. I ate it plain one day and another day on some romaine lettuce leafs. I didn’t realized I missed that crunch.

I also splurged. I bought some cool new lunch containers to give that extra little desire to eat lunches. I bought a great new salad one. You can put the salad mix on the bottom and then put a small top container that holds all your veggies and dressing without anything being soggy. I also gave into the stainless steal containers. I bought the ones that fit on top of each other and screw together. I also finally got my hands on a bento box. I like being able to keep things all in one container instead of the 4 or 5 i usually carry with me. Its been really hot and its hard to keep a bag full of cold foods all cold. I think i go through a whole bag of ice each week taking cold drinks with me. I can deal with the heat and semi warm food but never can I with a hot drink. Ive been taking more water with me instead of containing any soda. I found I can get by with water most of the day, some drinks with sugar free drink mix ins, and some good ol’ fashioned tea without all the sugar.

I made a new snack to try as well last week. It’s carrot cake oats. Once they are cooled you cut them into twelve and you have a hearty snack. Its really just a ton of oats, shredded carrots, eggs, and little honey. I learned its tasty but very dense. Next time I need to add more spices to give it more flavors. I love my clementines and grapes, but they also contain a lot of natural sugars. I am trying to be very conscious of my sugar intake.

I also tried some “skinny” blueberry muffins off pinterest, and same idea as the carrot cake oats, but these are individual with fresh and dried fruits. They are quite portable.


I have been bbq’ing a lot to have healthier meals. I’ve been roasting a lot of veggies marinated in roasted red pepper dressing or red wine vinaigrette

Im thankful because I’ve been able to cut back on eating potatoes every night. What kind of meals are ya’ll trying? Any new ideas or pins you can suggest??

Also, my last new few thing for the day. I spent 5 hours prepping today. I  made turkey taco meat for taco salads. I love you can put the lettuce in a bag, cheese and salsa in separate containers so nothing gets soggy. I made a new more seasoned batch of chicken for chicken salad, and yummy salad. Also, have any of you tried Quinoa?? I made a batch in the instant pot. It couldn’t have been any easier if I tried. I was a cup of Quinoa rinsed, some water and a little salt. It only takes a minute and done! I cooled it and will be making up a salad from it later this week with a lemon red wine vinaigrette, with veggies and black beans. I’ll let you know it turned out.

I finally broke out my spiralized. They are tons of recipes on pinterest. I mean TONS. I found one I really want to try this week. Its called Cowboy noodles. I finally spiralized this week. It was way easier than I thought. I’ve got them keeping dry for later this week. Im hoping it’ll be a nice sub for pasta.




Ok ya’ll. I hope you enjoyed all my prepping for the week. Let me know what recipes you are trying, and what good eats you are enjoying. See ya’ll next week!


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