Another Sunday fun day

hey Ya’ll,

Welcome to another fun filled Sunday. After a ruined day of not feeling good, i felt more of myself today but didn’t push myself as hard! I have been working hard to stay on track, and thankfully the scale shows it, and thank goodness for that!! I am excited to go back to the dr and show her I am serious about my health and wanting to be the best I can be.

I did my usual bagels, and breakfast sandwiches. We were strolling through Costco today and my hubby spotted some Turkey bacon. We’ve tried some before and weren’t so happy with it. We thought we’d give it another try. He is a bacon fiend, and this way I can actually have bacon without all the extra fat and sodium.

We fried some up today to put on hubby’s breakfast sandwiches. We gave it a nice crisp and it was pretty good. Its only a point per slice versus 3-5 points.  It was a huge pack so it’ll last it sometime. We are going camping next week and this will be my go to for breakfasts.  Then as you can see in the very first picture I tried something else Very new to me! Homemade fruit roll ups. Fresh strawberries were on sale cheap today so I thought I’d make good use of them. I found a recipe that uses strawberries  and applesauce. I thought why not! The only problem is it took 4 hours to make on 170. I just took it out of the oven. We’ll see if it turns out. I am excited for another snack thats easy to tote around and low in sugar.

           I am, begrudgingly, am trying cottage cheese again. I have tried it in the past and didn’t really care for the taste. Im not crazy about the consistency, but I wanted to retry it.  Its high in protein and suppose to be a good snack. I made some up with the rest of my fresh raspberries, so we’ll see how it goes. I also have finally found a fruit water I really enjoy. I keep making different combinations and want to like them but end up not loving them. I mixed pineapple and watermelon. Its true I love watermelon but having watermelon water isn’t exactly the best for you. Its a natural diuretic and can cause your body to make things run through you. I found when i mixed it with pineapple I didn’t have to use as much watermelon, almost no sweetener and was a great treat.  I am trying a new one with some fresh cherries I had left over with strawberries and blueberries.

              I spent my weekend baking for an event I didn’t even get to attend. I felt good my friend got to enjoy all my goodies. I made a huge pot of chilli, homemade almost sugar free chocolate chip cookies, sugar free banana muffins, and veggie tray. I tried out a new sugar substitute that is the most like sugar in consistency I’ve found so far, similar to Truvia baking blend, and it seems good so far.  Anything I can do to cut my sugar and still have something good to eat.

                    I am giving myself a break from my new favorite lunch turkey taco’s this week. I am going to my first success since getting back on track-chicken salad. I made it in the instant pot in 10 minutes. Then i shred it with the mixer to get it all nice and shredded. Then you use greek yogurt and light mayo with diced apple and dried cranberries. Its so yummy. I have some fresh romaine pieces to eat instead of bread or crackers. its quick, no heating required and portable to eat.

    Ok, so now its times to hear from the audience. What are some of your favorite recipes? Lunch idea? (I am fiend for lunch ideas). What about dinner? I have on the menu this week a carrot soup, cowboy chicken with zoodles, burgers and fresh picked corn on the cob which we got right off the truck, and a hearty turkey barley soup.


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