Prepping and new experiences

Hey Ya’ll,

Welcome to another weekend thats just breezing by! I took some time away from the blog to have some summer down time. We finally got around to going camping for a few days. Let me tell you-I did NOT realize how much I really needed that!! It was nice to unwind, get away from the everyday work shuffle, and enjoy some quiet nights under the stars. I even got some new Nova Scotia locations. A friend had been telling us about a beach about two hours away. We never really had the drive to go for a long drive to the beach. Unfortunately, there is one major water difference my hubby and I have. He has grown up around water his whole life, where as I grew up more mountain terrance. I love being by the water. He takes it for granted because its around him all the time.

He did something out of the norm last weekend. He found out where the beach was, and pushed for us to go. We got up our first day of camping and made the trek. We happened to be in the wrong direction, seeing as we were an hour away from home, so it took us two hours, and if we left from home it would have take two hours. It was a gorgeous beach (as the picture above shows). It was a beautiful day, clear skies, warm yet a breeze, and quiet. It was quite crowded. Its down this old small round and parking is pure premium. We had a lot of stuff with us so the hubby dropped me off to wait for him to drive back up the road to park. I end up finding a space right at the beach. You can picture my little self standing in parking space with bags of supplies praying no one came up for the space. Thankfully he was back with the Beast (our truck) with only one car in front of us and I found a space for them too!! We ran into a old co worker of mine in from town as well and it was really nice day!


        Then one of the fav parts of the day is heading back. There is an Arby’s an hour away from the beach heading back to the campground. Now, I know, why would you get so excited about Arby’s. At one point there was an Arby’s here in town, even one over the bridge. The one here didn’t get enough business and closed. Then two years ago the other one closed-so sometimes you just need a good beef and cheddar! It was glorious!!

It got even better-the next day we took a drive and found this place advertising cheap cones, and lets face it-its been super hot here and a cone is a defiant treat! It looked like a office building but was a pizza place. We got the best ice cream. Apparently the bring in from Montreal, and the tastes were amazing. It wasn’t full of ice, didn’t melt right away, and the waffle cones were so fresh they went soft first.

We even had some healthy dinners while away. I made a great marinate for some steak we were going to have. Lets just say I opened it up to pour it on that morning and hubby cringed like oh no. He ate his words that night when he admitted the steak was excellent.  I found it off Pinterest and tweaked it to my liking.

  •                      1/2 cup red wine vinegar
  •                    1/4 cup soy sauce (I use low sodium)
  •                      1 1/2 tbsps olive oil
  •                      1 1/2 tbsps sesame oil
  •                      1   tbsps minced garlic
  •                       2 tsps parsley
  •                      1 tsp pepper
  •                      1 tsp Ms Dash


I let it marinade all day while the steak was thawing and it was just right. I always take veggies already prepped to make it faster. We stopped at a veggie stand and got smoking deals!! We got fresh picked corn on the cob for 50cents, zucchini the size of my head for 50cents, and a turnip for 25c.

Not bad for camping! Then i made a twist on smores. They call it Smore’s Nachos. We ended up making it late so I only had a bite but they hubby finished it off. 


As for new recipes I tried a few! I made my very first sugar free Angel Food cake. Angel food cake has always been one of my favorites. I was pinteresting my life away. Its a sugar free version. Overall it turned out really great. I found it a little sweet for my liking, but something I would certainly try again. It was way cheaper than buying one, especially when its at premium pricing with berries being in season. I already had the cream of tarter, flour, etc, just cost me $2 for the eggs. My friends all seemed to love it, they ate it all in one night. 


I also found a great one for a almost strawberry sorbet, but easier. It was simple enough with frozen strawberries, lemon juice, honey and i used splenda to cut down on the amt of honey and bam-yummy low point desert. 


You can dig in right away, or freeze for another night. I also tried my hand at two more newbies this weekend already. I made homemade baked beans that turned out really great. I had to adapt from slow cooker to instant pot, and tweak the ingredients but hubby can’t have mustard but i think he was happy because it had bacon in it.

I even made some homemade cornbread to go with it. I made a regular no low fat one like I did on a previous week and it was a much better hit I think.

I also made something I’ve been seeing all over the internet-called cloud bread. It looks great and sounds great, but well…..not so great. I guess because this reciepe really is just egg whites whipped with cream of tarter, egg yolks and greek yogurt and then spread and breaked. They taste very light and well……not like much of anything. I probably need to tweak it a bit. Anyone out there tried with better success??

Now moving onto the latest war in this house-Banana bread!!!! I don’t about ya’ll but it can cause hours of conversation in our house. I know, seriously…over banana bread, but YES. I have a sucker for Looney Spoons cook books and their two versions of banana bread and loaves. One use buttermilk and applesauce, while another uses sour cream. It gives a great creaminess and healthy take, but hubby swears by the plain jane recipe. I made two this week since I was sick this week and we had LOTS of extra bananas. You can tell one is regular and one is my applesauce kind. I even tried a new one for the one I like. I think my version is darker, but WAY more flavor. The plain was is dryer, still good, but i think seems blander.

Then I finished off the evening make some cupcakes for some friends as a treat. Butter pecan, but from a mix. Lets face it, sometimes box mixes can be just as yummy.

I’d love to hear some of your recipes. I’m always looking for new ideas. My hunts lately have been for lunches. Cold lunches. Things you can take with you to work and eat without having to worry about having a microwave, or eating sandwiches everyday.

           I did find a nice twist on taking a wrap for lunch. Every one in awhile I don’t mind a sandwich but I usually go for wraps. This you cut into pinwheels but it was tasty! So i made a quick cranberry sauce with frozen cranberries and splenda. After it cooled I had some leftover light whipped cream cheese. I added a little bit of the cranberry sauce and it makes a spread. I layered the tortilla with a little of the spread, spinach and turkey slices. You roll it up and wrap in plastic to keep its shape. After an hour or two in the fridge you cut it into pinwheels and pack it or lunch. I made great use of my new bento box with some grapes, plum, hardboiled egg and pretzels. It was a nice change.

I’d really love to hear from ya’ll. What things you are trying, some of your favorite recipes, or how you like my blog.

Take care til next time!!


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