Sunday fun day Prep Day

Hey Ya’ll,

Welcome to another fun filled busy prep day! We had family in for the weekend and what a treat! We always have such a good time.  We enjoyed our local city parade and some very hot sun. We always find fun things to get into. We always make a big breakfast on Sunday when they are in. Its a lot of points, but really worth it!! We brought out some precious Jimmy Dean sausage, homemade white pepper gravy, eggs, and bacon. (The picture is just one i found not my breakfast) I know two meats but my hubby is bacon crazy! He is Mr Breakfast, so I was happy. I tracked everything I ate even if I didn’t want to!

Then it was straight into prep mode. While my family was getting stuff together to make the 2.5hour drive home. They even pitched into help. They helped clean up and even peeled some clementines for me. I kept getting yelled at for as soon as they washed the dishes I was reusing them. I must have had the oven on for hours in this heat but necessary. I made my healthier bagels. Toasted muffins for hubby’s breakfast. I made another round of my egg muffins like McD’s. We had leftover bacon so hubby was super happy to have that added to his breakfast sandwiches.

I found a new healthy recipe for banana muffins. I got like a dozen for $1 this weekend so I had to make good use of them. I made some overnight oats and then most of the muffins. I love the authors from LooneySpoon (google them) Greta and Janet. I usually make their banana bread recipes, but someone in my home was complaining. One uses applesauce, buttermilk, and one uses sour cream. You really can’t tell-its just more for moisture. So I went back to a basic. Instead of a lot of oil i used only a tablespoon of oil, and rest in applesauce. Its great flavor, as well as moisture. It even makes its own crumble. I used no sugar for the muffins-sugar substitute. The only sugar was a little brown sugar for the topping. it was really simple and turned out really well. I’ve already given out some for reviews.

I have been dying to get my hands on silicone muffin liners. I’ve learned the hard way after making my egg muffins I detest cleaning the muffin tray. I’ve been looking everywhere and finally found some. I was all set to order them cheap online when I found them this weekend at a good price. They worked brilliantly. They didn’t stick and you can turn them out to clean. I think that totally made my day. I then had some blueberries to use up, so i made a second batch. They are low fat and will make a great snack.

I had a true laundry list to do today and I can say I got all but two thing done.


I even made a raspberry cheesecake sugar free dessert with fresh raspberries, jello, pudding mix, and cool whip. It was amazing. I portioned them into my plastic containers and very low in points. Its a great late night snack.

I also repeated my turkey taco lunch bowls, with an added a new sweet corn relish. I am excited for another week of yummy lunches. It helps to prep things I know I am going to enjoy. I like to prep, and keep separately so nothing gets soggy or mixed ahead of time.

I put everything into different bags or containers so i can mix when i’m ready to eat. I also have been finding a longing for chips again. I know, they are my danger zone. I think I could live on them, but know they aren’t helping my health or blood sugars. I am always buying kale to eat, so this time I used some to make some yummy kale chips. There is always a risk of cooking them too long and burning them, so you have to keep a good eye on them.

So after all day prepping my fridge went from overstuffed to tupperware city. Lol. It gets thinner as the week goes by but its a slow crawl. I made a fantastic beef vegetable soup this week. It went over like gangbusters with my friends. I even got my hubby to eat some veggies. Who know! Lol.

I would love some feedback. What are some ya’ll’s favorite recipes? What are your go tos? I’m always up for new idea and new things to try. Feel free to drop me a line and let me know you prepping tips, skills, or suggestions!

 Til next time!


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